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Innovation and modernisation of the TSI brand




Innovation and modernization of the TSI brand



November 2, 2012



In its fifth year of trading, Travel Solutions International (TSI) have recently launched a new image, providing innovation and colour to its previous identity. The global network’s logo has become brighter and more vivid as the network expands into new areas of the world.


Craig Stein, TSI Advisory Board member from South Africa explained: “The brand of a company is paramount in attracting new business. We liked the inclusion of ‘wings’ as part of our logo as this icon represents the ideal of travel without boundaries. The new logo incorporates a brighter representation of our original TSI wings. Our new logo has been injected with new life and color and the market will now see a corporate blue along with a vivid orange and a more modern font. In addition, we have brought in new imagery to our branding pack which we believe will make us more recognized in the global travel market.”