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Quality management information is essential when you want to manage travel policy compliance, assist with budgeting and forecasting, develop future strategies and control costs.


TSI understands the importance of accurate and timely management information. Data collection standards vary enormously around the world – especially in terms of accuracy and the methods used to gather information. These can range from the ‘high tech’ or automated solution to the ‘low tech’ or manual solution. In all cases the data must be verified for its accuracy before reports are issued as mistakes can and do happen. Where manual systems predominate, extra time has to be allowed for the data to be processed.


The TSI partner with overall responsibility for your business takes control of all data and the production of management reports produced to your specifications.



Travel Reporting You Can Trust:


• Consolidation of travel data from global markets

• An accurate view corporate travel spend

• Ability to identify corporate trends

• Tools to monitor and enforce corporate travel policies