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TSI grows to Middle East & beyond




TSI broadens its foothold in Middle East, Asia and Europe



July 5, 2012



Travel Solutions International (TSI) has recently expanded in the Levant region as well as the Indian sub-continent and Europe, by signing up agencies in Pakistan, Lebanon, France and Switzerland. Flair Travel Management has recently joined TSI and represent the Pakistan market, whilst Pegasus Travel has done the same in Lebanon. Both agencies are well established in their own business travel markets and have great opportunities to develop globally. In addition, 3mundi have joined the TSI network to provide their expertise in the French and Swiss markets, both of which are key areas in the European travel arena.


Mervyn Williamson, co-founder and Advisory Board member of TSI added: “We have recently seen huge expansion in the global travel needs of clients travelling to and from these markets and we are delighted to be working with professional and enthusiastic agencies in all these countries. From the UK, we are especially excited about the introduction of 3mundi to our network as there are so many synergies between the UK, French and Swiss markets. In addition, 3mundi are very technologically advanced and this will enhance the services that we offer to our global clients in these countries.”