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It’s no surprise that the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Procurement’s main concern is finding the best route to bottom line savings, while balancing traveler needs and comfort. TSI has the tools and technologies that provide your company maximum savings during corporate travel, allowing you to manage travel expenses and spend smarter.



Automated & Accurate Auditing


TravelAudit features price monitoring, security locators, unused ticket tracking, a Return On Investment (ROI) calculator, and more.  Stop searching for your travel information while saving time and money.



Expert Insight into Your Travel Program


We provide industry and statistical analysis based on accurate client data, field research, benchmark studies, and more.  We work with you to create an efficient and successful business travel management program that aligns with your company’s goals.



Superior Buying Power


We realize the importance of maximizing every dollar spent on business travel and that is why we provide a dynamic and hands on sourcing service. Our buying power is bar none; we negotiate rates, giving you access to the best fares on more airlines, more hotels, and ground transfers.  Don’t wait; let us help you find extraordinary savings now.

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